ghid pentru o viaţă împlinită

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Meditatii engleza

De la: lyon, la data 2009-10-18 18:23:23buna ziua doamnelor.nimeni nu e incepator aici.cutoti stim un pic sau mai mult.deci cred ca putem invata doar printr-o simpla conversatie.cand una din noi are o intrebare,sau nu intelege. doar inceapa distractia.


distractie sa fie..

hou du iu du ?ha? auzim?

ma asteptam ca Lyon sa parleasca in franceza...

noh stai ca intrebam si in franca

donc alors...

cue fe tu? am zas binee?

mai mai ca nu-i bine..

ii... che fe tiu? asa ii

Yeah, Tut, it's too hard, if you hardly work...

Buna dimuneata. Si eu doresc sa invatam engleza.Maria

ma inscriu si eu in club

Welcome to the "Fun Club!"

We're happy to be here from time to time if noone disturbs us!

So, please, say quickly what do you want, and leave soon, OK?

Buna dimineata. Sunt Maria si as dori sa invatam engleza aici. Multumesc

There are a lot of people who want to learn English here. That's very, very nice. So, how are you?

Hello! Happy birthday, dear nation! Are you sleepy? If so, the tyrans are stealing you!

We're learning English here in order to be prepared to leave. After your answers I understand that I'm all alone here. So, has everybody left?

Ilsi, somebody has to be there to turn the light off, no?

How is going? Any progress?
Look at them (D_women) how happy they are!

Oups, I forgot to say "happy Monday everyone"

Glad to meet you here, dear Cherry!

Even if I'm very-very-very busy these days, I'm happy to see that someone visited , from time to time, this topic. Even if only to laugh at us... or "with" us?!

Have a nice evening, dear ladies!

May the resurrected Messiah Lord Jesus Christ save us and transform our lives!

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