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What a coincidence! A few minutes ago I just wrote her a message.
She doesn't know English? She is not the only one, if you know what I mean.

And I am around, too much actually!

Wow! I'm very glad to hear that, Mica! I know Aurora since we were little girls when I was going with my parents to the sea side. She was living next to the house we were renting by that time and we played so much in our childhood. She had a brother just like me and we went together to the beach. He died last year in a car accident in the USA. He was there for more than 20 years and he was paralysed for almost 18 years in a wheelchair, also because of a car accident, but he could drive a car and he was working even he could hardly use his hands. He left Romania by the time of Ceausescu passing in the west by swimming. We didn't know anything about him for almost a year. He had such a storylife! He has also left 4 children there...


what do you mean by "she had a brother just like me"?...jeez, you confused me like hell...

hello, are u my darling friends? are u all right?mica, did u get a job or are u still searcing for one???ilsi, are u more peacefull in your heart??? dunare, how abour u, are u ok????i-m fine...i had a wonderfull sunday with my hubby and my dog arround...makeing pancakes and baked a sour-cherry pie...ilsi how di u say in english "visine"?

Tuta, sour cherry is the word!

Zamby, I bet she meant to say " same age like me"

Ilsi, what a sad story.I feel bad for your friend an for his loved ones.But you know better than me that one has a path to follow!

thanx mica......i-m sorry ilsi for that sad seems to me that when it comes, trouble comes in double dosage.....even u are a fighter, u can't beat the destiny that is written....

Hi, Mica, Tut, and the others!
Mica, I meant to say that I have a brother too, just like my friend. But I thank God he's alive.

Thanks for your concern, Tut! Do you know that song"I've got peace like a my soul"?

I was quite sure we call "visina"="sour cherry", but I also found in some dictionaries "morello cherry", as a variety of cherry.

But I'm sure that"making" is written without "e", as all the verbs finishing in "e":"taking', "baking"...

Hey Ilsi,
Aurora send me a message Sunday.She gave me her phone number but I didn't call her yet.I might do it right now, hmmm

What's up girls? Nobody here? Everybody is good with English?
Well, I got news for you: I am not.

So, please, if you have any kind of questions, if there is anything you would like to know ask!If you don't understand what we are talking about, we can translate for you, just go ahead and ask.
I mean so many of you ladies said that you want to learn English bu how if you don't even say "hello"?
I don't know anybody personally, so why are you shy?
And I am a pretty polite person so be 100% that I will not embarrass any of you.
And like me are Ilsi, Tuta, Dunare, Zambil etc.

well, if they don't understand what you are writing i don't think they will be able to answer you. an "hello" is not enough for a conversation, maybe for a begining...
or maybe, they are reading what you are talking and practicing this way the vocabulary they have and the language skills.

P.S HELLO !!!!!

ihi.....correctly is "p.s.i love u"....i hope u've seen the a good one...a romance one....and i must correct u.....some girls are very shy to write here because they know english, but only in talking, not in, i know very well to talk in this language, but i make a lot of mistakes when i write...i'm not ashamed of that...i have my dictionary near me and from time to time i look inside to find a word that i'm not sure of how to write it down....but if they will overcome to this shyness and begun to write here, i think it will be a good thing for them, because we have here people who can teach us the right form of the words if we mistake one....

Ihi, if they don't understand, they should ask.

I am ready to translate everything, every word, or every expression.
I do make big mistakes when is about grammar, but my vocabulary is pretty big so without infatuation I can help. My English is not a school English, an academic one, but even in my slang way I can communicate and I can help. And what really matters is that I WANT to help.

Hello everybody!

Mica, please don't try to cheat around here, you're not at all a beginner in English. But I'm not quite sure if you can say "a big vocabulary" or a "large" one? Is there anybody who can help? Dunare?

Tut, you're such a wonderful person with your sweet remarks! I love you!


thankx ilsi....oh...that's me.... a shy one when somebody told me that she like me....and i don't have remarks.....only i see a bit different the simply things....

Ilsi, once again you are right.I think I have a large vocabulary.But believe me, I have at home a big one too.It is a Webster's unabridged dictionary that weights about 5 kilos.

Hi, Mica!
I didn't want to correct you, because I wasn't quite sure myself.
How are things with you lately?
I was too busy to enter Garbo these days...

Hello, Tut!
How are you?

hello isli...i'm fine thank you.....i had some problems but hopefully and thank god, i think it will be ok.....right now i am concerning about the horny women that stay arround here and wait for the guys to pick them up.....i'm sick of those....

Hope your problems be solved the way you want to, Tut!
But what are you talking about those "horny women"?

i can't stand i expect to find a forum where i could be friendly with people....and i find a lot of stupid girls who talk only about sex, stupid men looking for mateing, stupid women been fooled by men, comeing back for another round of lies....bleah......

Well Tuta look around you in your real life. Don't you see the very same people like in this forum?
This forum is only a extension of what is happening in our day by day life, so smart people, stupid people we all together create the human being specie.
I joined this forum thinking that I will have an exchange of ideas and experiences, not to hear and read about pathetic life stories.
But here I am being pathetic myself and enjoying the idea less conversations.
Honestly I am happy with 4 or 5 topics and 4 or 5 persons from the forum so is good.

hey... i have the feeling this topic is turning into a lament in english... which looks quite kinky, don't you agree?...

De la: zambil, la data 2009-06-19 08:38:32hey... i have the feeling this topic is turning into a lament in english... which looks quite kinky, don't you agree?...

Curat kinky!

Hey, nobody asked you here, Hyacinthus! Lament yourself on other topics, please! Don't ruin that one, ok?

Hey, nobody asked you here, Hyacinthus! Lament yourself on other topics, please! Don't ruin that one, ok?

Sorry, the others, for the echo message! It wasn't my intention, I didn't do it on purpose. It's my old PC...

Who is Hyacynthus?

Hello and good-bye, kitty! This is not for you, ok?

hyacynthus, we are not lamenting in was just an opinion.....if u like it...ok...if u don't,.....well...i don't care...

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