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A princess of Romanian folk died

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A princess of Romanian folk died


Romania is in mourning.
A princess of Romanian folk died
a few hours ago.
There will be many trees on this land
without the forest
and other cords of the guitars,
and some kind of vibration, maybe more pleasant,
but there will never be another Tatiana
impeccable Stepa , ineluctable Stepa, irresistible Stepa.
Because she could let her love
trickle into our souls,
until all her songs on the altar of praise were laid,
until today, when our eyes are glittered
from the reflection of our tears...
Her extraordinary talent melted our hearts...

And step by step,
ab initio Stepa, ab ovo Stepa

She sang all her songs to us,
but she was the most beautiful sound
we have ever heard.
And she could make us squeal with delight.
The more beautiful we became just after hearing her songs.
And if we learned to exist as part of Earth
when only love could keep us together,
it was because
she lived to teach us how to live.

Pro tempore and in esse
Tatiana Stepa died.


Poezie scrisa de Marieta   Maglas

Duminica, 9 August 2009, 16:23

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Raporteaza continut neadecvat
candvaodata a scris pe 11 August 2009, 07:33
Sincer , imi pare rau pt ca s-a dus, imi placea cum canta Copaci fara padure- Dumnezeu s-o ierte

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