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Hi everybody!
Welcome to the new ones!

Ilsi, I called Aurora but the number she gave me is disconnected so...How is your computer working?

Tuta, didn't see you lately on Forum; are you okay?

Strumfi, Hyacinth is Zambil.

Hyacinth, this topic is top secret! We don't complain, we just have small talk about our lives.And nor everybody is as optimistic as you are.

So, G#3218, how do you say "vin si eu in clubul vostru" in English? If you know, say it, if not ask and we can help .

G#5851 I didn't get your message. It is in a secret code?

i-m fine micabis....i-m ok.....sleepy.....tired.....but ok....i-m waiting right now for my coffe to get too hot.....i-m listening to some music.....and a lots of memories came out....iiiihhhh...i'm in a blue disposition today....

try blue mood instead...

Hi, Mica! I'm sorry about Aurora's phone number. I don't know what happened with it. I talked to her the day before yesterday on messenger.
My PC is still working, but slowly, as you know. I hope my nephew will make me a new one this holiday.
I was at school today and after a long discussion with the headmaster (who is not one of my best friends, I must say) I realised that my holiday started 3 days ago, so that I hadn't to go to school these days and bear him. So, now I can really relax( I was about to say "to rest in peace"-RIP) after a year of hard work.

Zamby, don't be freakish now. Blue mood or blue disposition are synonym expressions.

how many native English-speakers really use blue disposition?...

Zamby, if is to copy the native English speakers we will be using 100 words. Because you know very well how large is their vocabulary.
But we don't talk about every day communication, or if you want, a native will say just "I'm blue today".
Generally speaking those two expressions are synonym.

yeap... and then we will speak a foreign language using English words...

The first time I agree with Zambil. I also know the use of"blue mood". But I don't agree with his manner of telling...

De la: zambil, la data 2009-06-24 14:13:32try blue mood instead...

u r right...sorry.....very right....but i was so moody that i didn't found my words....

don't argue anymore...hey...all three words-combination are right....but we commonly use "i'm blue today", or "i am in a blue mood" long as the words are in plain english, i think we can enjoy mix them...let-s think how many people are using english today...british, americans, australians, neo-zeelands...

OK, Tut. It's not about arguing, it's about learning, I think.

yes...i knew the ...shiiit...."expresie"....but in that moment i was deeply blue.....

You're so cute, Tut! I love you!

i love you too sister...but it make me crazzy when i want to tell something and i don't have the words....i've wanted to say the f word, but i realise that the comment will be banned.....

So how is right at the end? blue mood or bad disposition?


they are not alike, you know?... simply, they do not mean the same thing...

nu inteleg ce se intampla.

De la: garbo005851, la data 2009-06-25 12:32:58nu inteleg ce se intampla.
ESTE OARE VORBA DE O" COMUNICARE " INTRE "PERSOANE CU PROBLEME" CA SA FIU POLITICOASA .VA PLICTISITI SI ESTE O MODALITATE DE IESIRE DIN COTIDIAN ?MARIA e problema ta? da pe te stresa...baga si in noi...astia cu probleme, le avem cu daca nu intelegi ce scriem noi aici pentru ca e prea complicat pentru tine, ia-ti mami traducator.....noi, persoanele cu probleme, nu putem fi crezuti ca facem o traducere exacta...trebuie autorizati din aia...

De la: micabis, la data 2009-06-25 05:24:37So how is right at the end? blue mood or bad disposition?

mica...they are two different mood is when u are melancholic, sad, horny, alone, un-talked, un-fooded, un-drinked, un-f..ked.......bad disposition is when u are melancholic, but u don't have someone to get laid with, is when u are sad because u don't have somebody to argue with, is when u are horny and noone is arround to ease your "pain", when u are alone and nodoby is near u, untalked cause nobody talk to u, unfooded cause u are to lazzy to bake/cook yourself something, undrinked cause that bloody sink is too away, and unf..ked because he is to stupid not to think that u want it....

have i mad myself clear????

So all those years I thought that blue mood = bad disposition Hmmmmm....
Think about how many people a confused with my confusion

Maria, yes darling we are so sick and tired talking with people like you that we decided to put a barrier to that. So that is why we are talking in a foreign language (for me especially ) so you can not understand us

Hey, Mica, Tut, maybe Maria found herself on the wrong topic. What's wonderful here is that, even in a foreign language, we can understand very well each other.
Love you,

Let's correct myself:we can understand each other very well.*

ar fi super,si eu as vrea sa invatam virtual.

ilsi...don't bother...even yoda from star wars does it....

It's Ok, Tut. See you around.

u 2 ilsi....

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