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WE are many around here... WISHING to improve... WHATEVER... with out wish is a type error, no comment here... correct EACH OTHER...

don't worry, we grasped the idea, anyhow...

hi, back again!!!!!l had a hectic week and had little time left for keeping up with following some subjects on the site. so l just hope that all of you are well... we all should say a prayer to start our day, and maybe sometimes the best prayers are the words that come from our hearts and bear all our emotion and sincerity....l find myself lately just thanking for each small thing that lights my day; l do believe the God hears our thoughts rather than our words....after a life balance i had years ago when l really had to choose from being out of this world or struggle for my life, l realised the most important thing for me is my serenity, and peace of mind and heart and health... this doesn't men l have no earthly desires, just l do not give them the same rate...

as for the new persons on this forum, some say that want to learn to you all my dears, ask questions, challange the minds that are here....learnig means you have to listen, ask, write, repeat.... l am sure that someone will answer no matter the question placed here. l will look for some nice English proverbs or expressions that can be usefull

l just remember two of my favourite limericks:

there one was a sudent named Bessor
whose knowledge grew lesser and lesser.
at last he knew nothing at all -
and today he's a college professor

whether the weather is good
or whether the weather is bad
you got to put up with the weather
whether you like it or not.

Wonderful, dunare!
Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us! You're perfectly right in everything you say!

I like your limericks Dunare! Great! I have none in my mind but I can tell an expression that I love :" when you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all" That's how I teach my boys to be kind and happy about life and people around them.

Zamby your kindness is overwhelming me. Thank you for your very welcome intervention.Finally I got to learn something from you even if I didn't mean what you said.
Whatever....We correct ourselves and each other.
And you might be wishing to improve only if you would like so.....

Hi, my dear Micabis!
What about your job?

Don't ask Ilsi. DO NOT ASK!
Otherwise I'm OK. Keep trying!

If you haven't got a job yet, Mica, maybe it's because God prepares something better for you and that's for sure.
As you said before: Keep trying!

micabis., know how we say in romanian...a kick in your ass it's a step in front...

Yes, I would like to think so too but I feel so embarrassed. I NEVER been rejected in my life. It was a shock and it was hard to take it.
Now I'm better.
I sent more than 10 applications already.

You're wonderful, Tut, with your translations from Romanian to English!
Can you do more than that one? I've never thought to something like that! It could be very fun!

Well Tuta, for me was more a kick in my head. I was so sure about it that I had to sit after they called me.

Mica, don't worry!
It was only about a job, not about your life!

you know how johnny walker said a long time ago....keep on walking....and it is already a good brand....keep on...hold on...hang on....and you will see if God stop u from waisted yourself in a bad job, it means that He have already something good for u...have a lot of faith in Him!!!!....

Yeap, I'm hanging in there....
I know, it was just a f..g job (sorry, I'm still furious). Is not the job I'm worried about is the idea of being rejected.
And yes, that is a sin, so I kind of deserved it.
But thank you ladies for encouraging me.It means a lot to me.

ilsi...are u kidding me?????...i breath english....i love english....i can translate almost everything from romanian into english....i talk this language very, very often from 20 like a good lover....never get tired....

De la: tutankhamon, la data 2009-05-18 23:45:20you know how johnny walker said a long time ago....keep on walking....and it is already a good brand....keep on...hold on...hang on....and you will see if God stop u from waisted yourself in a bad job, it means that He have already something good for u...have a lot of faith in Him!!!!....

He's already have something very good for you, Mica!

Did you ever tried to translate a Romanian carol?

Corectura la corectura: He's already had something very good for you, Mica!
I'm very tired as you can see, ladies!
I wish you a very good and peaceful night and God bless you all!

Yes, I do have a good life thanks to Him.

Thank you and you too have a good night.
Good night everybody!
Tomorrow is another day.

no, micabis...because I think a romanian caroll it's a waist(pierdere) of time and somebody else allready done it....withy an english more softer that mine.....more like a poet, more like a writer....

ok...good night girls...and may God bless u all....

waist = talie
waste = pierdere

Sorry, I had to say it!

thank u mica.....i must confess that I am more a talker that a writer in English...and my grammer is not a good one....but i can make myself understandable.....i'm not upset on u because i want to improve my for u 'cause u were here to correct me....

I'm back, ladies, and I can correct you too for a kiss,Tut!

ilsi.... sorry...i know that worgs how to spell them, but i'm very tired.....

De la: micabis, la data 2009-05-18 23:55:30Did you ever tried to translate a Romanian carol?

did you ever try to.....

Knock! Knock! Anybody here?

I am around, is just hard for me to find my way to this topic, so thank you for help.
I don't know where our peers are.

Hi, Mica!
I've talked to my friend, Aurora about you,and she is waiting for your e-mail. She doesn't know English very well, I taught her once on line, then talking on the phone on mess. It was very interesting. She also gave me her phone number. See you around.

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