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Meditatii engleza

i know that...and also i know that in the story of this flower it is something religious...but still...a dry plant.....

Well, it is a mysterious plant that is for sure.
Give it a try, you might like it.

Pot sa iti recomand pentru grammar,listening si mai multe! Cauta in meniu!
Nivel incepator incearca
Mult succes!

Hurray! I can use my PC!
Wow, I like your conversation, Micabis and Tut!Go on, please!

About what? the rose of Jerico?
Or about flowers and nature?

About anything. All we need is conversation in improving our English. So, go on.
As I told you I learn a lot of things from your talk, because you know a lot of things, my dear Micabis.

Oups, I lost my message.
Anyway, thank you Ilsi, I am happy to help.I know my grammar is bad but I am learning.
Too bad we don't have more people to talk with.

Never mind. All we need is practice.
Sometimes people are ashamed of the mistakes they can make and as every human being don't like to be corrected by unknown people. And they lose the point: you can't learn a language without a teacher who can correct and explain to you what are the mistakes.

hello again, nice to read about flowers and gardens....l live in a house with a big garden, is my retreat from all the madening world... l had some days off from work and with all this rain could not do all the gardening l was so happily expectig...and had a full house for the of May weekend, grill and all the rest...but today woke up early in the morning(always do that when l am off from work, while during the week l long for an extra hour in bed...)put my gardening gloves and stat working... but first l took my coffee in the garden listening to the peace and to the quiet movement of the leaves...only a bird disturbed the silence and it was singing happily for a new sunny divine, l dare took care of the tulips, rose bushes looked for the new buds for the iris, cleaned the lillys of the valley that are so invasive and draw the design for a new garden plan... painted a bench in light yellow to brigthen my garen furniture(l am sick of the old green chairs) and so on , and so l am dead tired but is such a nice way to be flowers smiled back at me and the few drops of rain gave me a break from watering this evening....l do need some help with some of the garden work, is too big and too much to do....have a great week....

How happy you have to be Dunare! I was raised in a house with a big garden so I kind of know what you are talking about.
Now I am only enjoying my walks thru the park and my pots with flowers.
But, as I said and before, I am surrounded with birds and I love their chirping early in the morning and all day long as well.One day, even a crane came to rest for a few minutes in the tree across of my building.That was like two years ago I think and I was so surprised.
I would like a little house with a little patio at least but....I thank God for what I have.

tot la nivel de cautari ai ramas? ce cauti de fapt?

De la: garbo001220, la data 2009-05-05 20:32:10tot la nivel de cautari ai ramas? ce cauti de fapt?

Did you get boo-boo on your head? Why are mad/ashamed?
If you have something to say spit it out!

Hey Ilsi,
I've been to an interview! Now I'm waiting.I told you that by summer I would like to have a job.What are you doing? Didn't hear from you lately.I hope your PC is ok and you with your family as well.

De la: rozi, la data 2009-02-24 17:50:57Vin si eu in clubul celor care vor sa invete engleza

I'm very happy for you, Mica!
May God help you to find the job you want!
My PC is OK and my family too. I'm a bit confused about the things are hapenning to me lately. And I wasn't in the mood to talk about anything. Especially when I read a lot of absurdities on the topics around from people I believed intelligent and well-balanced.
How are you and your family?

Miha, so you want to talk with us? You are very welcome.

Ilsi,we are good.Personally I'm waiting for the answer from the company I interviewed with.After almost 7 years is about time to do something out of the house.I mean I'm doing something and now but is more for getting out than for money.So I decided to be more financial efficient.
And Ilsi, this is a chat-forum for fun and escape from daily routine so don't expect to up-grade your knowledge. Take it like how is and nothing more.When you feel like sick and tired of non sense take a break for a couple of days and then come back again.
I'll always enjoy talking with you.

So, you are well. Congratulations!
Thanks for your advice,Mica, that's what I do sometimes, but when I come back I feel that I should never return, even if I'm challenged directly. Too much bad feelings and language involved in something that is nothing else than a discussion about something interesting, I think, if we want to discuss about, between people who don't know each other and should respect one another, ore one another's opinions.
If I'm wrong, please, tell me.
Have a nice Sunday evening!

Ideal dear Ilsi is exactly how you say, but this forum is not an ideal place as well as the communication is not when are involved more than 2 people.
I see this chat like a shield where everybody is shouting knowing that is not feed back in that.I mean it is a feed back but only verbal and since is coming from somebody that you didn't know ....
So I think that most of the people are wasting time here, once in awhile hitting the golden pot when is a spark of intelligence.
Have a good week and talk to you later.

hello! hello! do u remember me???? ha ha...ilsi...u are complaining about some of the people arround here?? don't bother or u will be hair-white in a second....and youe heart-beat over 200...i'm sick and tired about the stupid girls of 18-20 years who think that they are the best in town, knowing everything, and give to us, more older people, lessons of live, how to cheat a man and he doesn't realise that, how to have more men in our bed, how to have the skirt very short and show the legs ,more and more....yeac....and if i stay and think about it, they don't know how to cook a meal and to iron a shirt...bleah....but this is live and liberty here in romania!!!! yupiiiiiii!!!!

Hi, Tut!
No, I'm not complaining of anything. It was just a remark that we should respect each other and one other's opinions and don't throw with dirt in anything that is saint for other people. It's not about liberty or freedom, it's about common sense!

Ilsi, I split the people from this forum in 3 categories" happy, unhappy and anonymous.
I mean you can certainly see which one is HAPPY following the tone of their conversation: they don't shout, they don't curse, they don't try to put down anybody who has different beliefs and even if they don't have everything in their lives they are content with what they have.
The second category , the UNHAPPY ones are exactly the opposite, they insult everybody just because..., with no reason at all, they need protection, attention, they need to be heard because nobody in their real life is paying any consideration to them.
And the third category, the anonymous one, are those who occasionally say something, and actually they don't give a sh... for this forum.
So, if you can dwell with them is good because you know what? They are like the real ones but only with no face.We are in between thoughts here.

You're so wise, Mica!
If things are like that, it's such a pity!
There are a lot of good things to do and to say to each other; a lot of things to learn, to share, instead of biting everybody with no reason.

By the way, I entered a topic which is very dear and interesting to me only to see what is new, because I haven't written anything there for some time(my PC is very slow) and I read that some people were slandering about me, even if I didn't talk about them before. And I can't understand why. I disagree with them, but I don't call them stupid for that and I don't claim I'm always right or I know everything.

Thank you Ilsi! I am not wise, I am the one who is watching. That's all!
Yes, my dear, everybody is smarter than everybody, everybody knows better than everybody, and you know what? It is normal to be like that: is part of the human nature.
We are just passengers thru the Universe and each of us has to leave tracks of their way.
Have o good evening my dear and let's hope for another day from God.


hey you, happy people.. everything ok?... any bonus day from the old man in your agenda?... he,he,he...

Thank you God for good friends.Take care of them as You take care of me and help them to open their eyes to see You.
Some of my friends are blessed with serenity, courage and wisdom, some only with courage.But no matter what, they are Your children as I am and we all love You.
God bless you all!

Congratulations for this wonderful prayer, Micabis!
God will bless you for sure because you're so open-hearted!
You're better than many of us! I'm happy to be your friend!

hi, vreau si eu engleza pls!

OK, than tell us about you Victoria.

pt micabis:eu vreau sa invatam engleza virtual,cine se mai ofera?

Dana, are many around here who WOULD LIKE to improve their English but for it looks like they have only the thought with out wish.
I mean, Ilsi, Dunare, Tuta, me, we are talking about what ever and we correct ourselves (Ilsi, did I say it right?) but where are the rest of girls?

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