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Meditatii engleza

Ar fi super un curs on line.

As far as I know this is what I learned about this greetind, and being in my 50s, my begginer days are long gone....the greeting "have a nice day" has a totally different conotation.

Like tutankamon, I heard it generally associated with a not very polite conversation closure....never heard it used by any of the native English or American people I happen to meet.

It is not really a false friend, but tends to relate to some nuances of the English language and native experssions that sometimes are not so easily captured by other nations.

Like sick/ill, for example.

The fact that some people use it does not make yet a vocabulary rule...but I will look it up again in the dictionary and ask more myself, is never too late to learn.

As for the English used by our politicians or other public faces, well, let's just appreciate the effort!!! They are far from a trend setter, and sometimes Romanian is a foreign language for them also!

Meanwhile, a very good day to you all!!!!!

pot sa ajut in acest sens -contactatima pe mail sau

Sure, why not?

hey 1220, writing "contactatima", how exactly can you help other people?...

all, keep with the good work, you are so sweet... he,he,he...

ofer meditatii la lb Engleza.(Iasi)
cei interesati imi pot raspunde privat la acest mesaj.

chiar vrei profesor de engleza ?

I agree with you, Dunare! good work!

OK, can we talk about weather, trips, movies etc. now?

We established that "good day" is not a greeting form, let's move on now.

What about talking about nature? About this beautiful spring (you know the expression "spring has sprung"), about the trees, and flowers and birds (man, are so many birds where I live) and butterflies....

I actually can share with you how is my morning walk thru my park.

What do you say?

How is your morning working through your park?

Sorry about working, I wanted to write walking*. But don't worry, working is not quite a bad thing, is it?

Actually you were right when you said working, because it is a working out time.
So, I am walking for 20 min. around the park, which is pretty big, and I'm doing it really fast because I don't do any other work out besides that.
That is how I started 2 1/2 years ago and I keep doing so because at the beginning it helped me losing weight.
Well, my park has a lot of trees and many species of birds and it is a pleasure to walk at 8:00 a.m. when the air is crisp, the birds are chirping, the sun is up and there are not too many people around.
Sometimes is a guy in the park who is doing Thai-Chi and the serenity of the moment is a blessing for me.
To see at sunrise in the middle of the meadow, a man facing east in his slow motion, to hear the birds (sparrow, finch, mourning dove, blue gay,crow and other that I don't know their name), to hear the ground breathing.....what can a human being wish more for?????

Now I could understand you, Micabis.
I was thinking it was the park surrounding your house, so your park, really, where you could also work: planting flowers, trees and so on...

Well Ilsi, I am wishing for house with garden but... I am happy with my apartment too.

OK, my dear, you should be happy, but also I wish you could have a nice house with a beautiful garden,as in your dreams...
May God bless your wishes!!!

Thank you Ilsi! That is very nice of you to say.
God bless you and your family too.

You're welcome, my dear!
Good night!Sleep well! Sweet dreams!
And so on...

Thank you and the same wish is available and for you too:sleep tight and don't let the bedbugs bite!

I see that the sandman came already to your eyes...mine is gone fishing

si eu ma inscriu. cine striga catalogul???????

Everybody is welcome Michaela.Just star writing in English what ever is touching your fancy.

Micabis is the lady calling the roll, Michaela!
She is the one who gathered us here!
That's why she is claiming a raise of the salary these days! (nothing is for free, you know!)

P.S. I was joking.

I was just reading an article posted on line by an Argesan journalist who was throwing with dirt in teachers because of their protests, showing us the middle finger, instead of putting it in his dirty mouth!

Thank you Ilsi, but you know that without you I wouldn't be writing on this topic.You are the one that keeps things moving around.And you helped me tremendously.

So, for all newcomers, don't be shy, begin writing with your words about whatever, ask questions and ask for help. Is Ilsi, Dunarea, Tuta who can help anyone who wants to improve their English.

pe id mai asteapta

De la: garbo001220, la data 2009-05-01 20:08:42pe id mai asteapta

????????? ce ai vrut sa spui?

dear micabis....even i live in a flat(bloc de locuit???) apartament, i have a balcony where is my little piece of heaven...a lots of flowers...more or less in bloom....a lots of beautiful smells....from the flowers....i like to garden them, to put them watter, nutrients...every morning i talk to them, i feel every single leaf, i touch every single flower, and if i see a bloom i am very happy....even with my great happiness in my soul, i still have a great desire...i have no luck with roses...i've bought until now a dusin of roses and i had no luck from them to live...they become yellow, they dry and make no flowers... i am very dissapointed because of that....i like very much roses, but they don't like me....

I do too!!!!
I have flowers in my balcony and take good care of them (at lest I think so). With roses...I have one right now but is 3/4 dead.They don't last too much.
I can't have too many flower because my balcony is not covered so in summer is really sunny and they dry out, but I do my best with what I have.
And as you know I have a inside flower: the rose of Jericho.

i have "termopan" at my balcony, and in winter is cold, in summer is warm, because i have a sort of air conditioner...a big box on wheels, that i can carry all over my's kind a humidificator...because it blows the air through a watter fall beside the machine.....and usually i have in my balcony 18-23 degrees....but i have no luck with roses...i have yucca, "azalee", dracena, spatifillum, a lot of tropical plants with colorfull leaves, even a christmas plant....they all seems to be ok...but roses don't...i think i will buy myself a jerico rose....i read about it and it is my kind of plant....but i understand correctly...this kind of plant doesn't have flowers???

The rose of Jericho doesn't have flowers.And is not a pot plant.You have to keep it in plate with water for not more than a week and that is.Is turning green from brown in day or two and stays like that as long as you keep watering it.
than you keep it dry in a paper bag for at least another week and so on.

I don't really know the names of my flowers but I can tell you that I have a orchid that bloomed a month ago and still has flowers.And I have an orange tree (a midget one), and lily, and fern and others.

and what's the catch with greening a week and drying a week???...i've read about the plant...i know how to keep it..but...wet, dry, wet, dry?????...i don't get it....really....

The rose of Jericho is a desert plant.So it is used to stay dry for a long time.If you keep it in water for more than a week it gets mold. That is the secret.

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