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Meditatii engleza

First of all I read everyday The Bible in English and in Romanian, then The Koran(The Qur'an), after that what is necessary for my classes, some Romanian contemporary writers( because I write also short stories, I want to publish a book this year and I must know what the others have written lately)and I want to read the books recommended at the teacher's meeting in February:"The girl with the pearl earring", "The Lady and the Unicorn", " The Falling angel" and "The Virgin blue" written by Tracy Chevalier.
But you know what? I'm very sorry that I write things about me and there are some bad people using them wrong on other topics, saying lies about me, blending the truth with their lies.

One advice I can give you: "IGNORE".
Don't pay attention to the stingy one! If they talk bad about is because they envy you which is their sin not yours.

I read "The girl with the pearl earring" and the "Falling Angel". None of them my cup of tea.
I read the Bible only in Romanian because only in my maternal language is going directly thru my heart.
And I like SF, I like adventure.

I am really sorry to hear that some people are saying lies about you and believe me, the ignorance is the best punishment ever.

Thanks very much, micabis. I'll go now to your profile to see your boys as you recommended to me. I was angry today because I had some problems trying to do my younger daughter's id card and I thought how almost everything is wrong in this country and how could people remain sane facing so many stupid things...

Hehehe, which country Sis? Tell me one single country that is sane and has a friendly manner with its inhabitants.That why we socialize on internet, because in real life becomes harder every day.

I socialize on internet after I've finished all my work. And maybe it's harder and harder to communicate, but only if you spend too much time on net.

Ilsi darling, I read your story about your divorce.How sad! Honestly, the divorce by itself is not a happy moment but when is followed by such bad moments....Anyway, I am happy that you are over now, and your daughters are OK and I think that you should socialize out of the box more.
What did you do exciting this week end?
We've been to the forest to pick up nettles and we had a good walk too.

I was just trying to help that woman, not to tell my story, because, anyway it is unbelievable how much a woman can suffer and blame herself for everything. I wanted only to make her realize that there are too many other things which will come after...It's very difficult to be mother and father at the same time...but, sometimes, it works better, I think.
Everybody tells me that 13 years of loneliness it's too much...but I'm still so afraid of men, because in each man I see him...
Anyway, yesterday it was a nice day, being my youngest daughter birthday(14 years old), we invited my aunts, my brother's family and some friends at my house, then my daughter went to a pizza parlour with her friends, and they had a very nice day, and the usual cream fighting. At the end of the day, her father came, ate something, and went away without giving her any present, because he doesn't have any money...Can you believe that?

life sucks... and most of the people as well... eh,he,he...

Happy Birthday to your daughter! I had a 13th BD about 2 weeks ago.
They are teenagers, aren't they? And more than that they think they are old and big enough to do what ever....

He he he,

It's OK to invite her father at the party but that proves one more time who are you and who is he. Is sad, I know, we had the same situation when my son turned 6 years old.And I heard the very same think from others.

Well, is part of life I guess.

Happy birthday to your son too and all the happiness in the world!
I don't know how I found this forum, but I think most of the people writing here don't socialize, but they want to controll the other people's minds. I'm very disappointed to find that people who pretend to be intellectuals are so narrowminded. Everybody in my school says I'm an open-minded person, but when I told them what I'm doing in the evening and how are the discussions around they told me that I lose my time, because it's useless to discuss with people who aren't real and don't know you...and sometimes get on your nerves with their stupidity(because, sorry, you gave me a good advice IGNORE THEM and I didn't... But I promise to do that in the future)
Thanks for your advice and comprehension...

buna, mie imi plac discutiile voastre, ca si altii si eu vreau sa invat engleza dar din pacate mi-ar place sa mi-o toarne cineva in cap. Posibilitati sa invat ar fi dar si motive sa nu, cred ca trebuie sa faci zilnic exercitii pentru a se prinde ceva de tine. oricum eu v-am citit si am inteles ceva la 60-70% din discutii. as vrea sa continuati

My dear Lumi,
It's OK to follow our conversation, but don't be shy.If you want to ask something that you didn't understand, do it!
Only with questions and conversation you can learn more and more.
Me and Sora are waiting for questions.

Hello, everybody! Welcome to "Meditatii engleza"!
Maybe the topic should be called"Let's learn English together on internet!" The tilte "Meditatii engleza" sounds too academical. And the human beings, especially Romanians, think they know everything and don't need to be taught by nobody, considering that as patronizing. I was joking, OK?
Here we can learn from one another. I've learned many new words from micabis who calls me by my last name,Sora, but my first name is ILZI and everybody calls me like that. Nice to meet you all!
By the way, how are you lately, micabis darling?

Dear Ilzi,
Your name is kind of unusual for me and I found SISTER (from Sora) more familiar.But, no problem, I'll call Ilzi from now on.

My dear friends,
You can not possible imagine how much is helping me this written conversation with Ilzi.I might know some English to speak but when is about writing...
So, please join us here.It's a win-win situation believe me.

I am who I am. I'm a real person with a real name,I'm not a virtual person with a virtual name. I have nothing to hide. I don't know why I'm here, but here I am. It's a matter of choice, as everything in the life. Glad to meet you all!

Hi Ilzi,
Finally at the beginning of a new week end.How am I? Good I guess. I am alive, healthy, so I shouldn't be complaining.
You said " I don't know why I'm here". I am telling you why : to chat in English with me. You have been such a big help for me that you can not even imagine.So, my dear friend you have a mission : to help me improve my writing in English. And also to help every body else who wants to learn English for a basic conversation.
We don't talk on the theme, we do just chatting for the sake of chatting.
Every body is welcome!

OK, micabis, if I can be a real help for you I'm very glad, because I was thinking not to enter on any site anymore...I'm happy to hear that you are all right and I wish you a nice week-end from all my heart!!!

Doamne, fetelor!

parca sunteti siameze...


sa nu va deochi!...

Come on now Ilzi, you can not leave me.
Besides, are other persons here who would miss you.I know for sure that we are read by many.
What are teaching Ilzi? English? What level?
I think is much easier this days to teach English than it was in my school time.
Are your girls both in High School? Do they like school?
My boys...are boys.They like school but only because is a MUST, you know what I mean.
But they are good, mostly 8 and 9, occasionally 10 or lower than 8.

Now, please Ilzi correct any of my mistakes, like grammar, or any other kind.Thank you in advance.
Have a good evening!

I didn't want to leave you, my dear friend. It's only that I was disappointed to see on these sites too many people with twisted minds,telling nothing and blaming everyone.
If you want me to correct your mistakes, you must know that this is my job. I'm a teacher of French and English and me too, as everybody else, I'm better in speaking than in writing(I speak fluently these two languages). Because I used to be a teacher of piano too and I studied music all my life, I have a "good ear", so I could get a very good pronounciation.
But here are your little mistakes from your last message: "there are other people", instead of "are other persons", "What are you teaching?", and "these days" instead of "this days".
My girls like school, generally speaking, but the eldest one(18 years old) is very lazy, even if she is very smart, or maybe because of this. The youngest is the best in her class(good marks, 10 at all subjects), she's at the Art High School, 7-th form, she's playing the piano and the flute. She's very good.
Tell me, pls, why do you think it's much easier to teach English these days?

Vin si eu la engleza , daca subiectul e inca deschis.

You're welcome, Oana! How are you?

Stiu eu pe cineva care da meditatii la limba engleza si are si o metofa fff buna ! Plus ca sedinta de 2 ore e f ieftina.

Stiu pe cineva care da meditatii daca chiar te ineterseaza.
Hefa !

i want to learn english,too.
i like yours conversation.

Fluffy, tell us about you.
That is a way of learning new words.
And of course you are very welcome.

Buna fetelor,

super conversatia voastra, eu predau engleza .. pt adulti si din experienta ... nu mai este chiar asa de usor pe cum era cand eram in liceu. Trebuie sa va bucurati de ajutorul unui profesor, mai ales la inceput. Un profesor poate sa va raspunda la intrebarile pe care le aveti, sau mai mult poate sa va explice lucruri noi pe care singure le prindeti mai greu. Un profesor poate sa va analizeze si poate sa va faca un plan de a invata .. sau sa va corecteze greselile pe care le faceti (greseli pe care poate nu le constientizam).
O data cu inaintarea in varsta ne schimbam.. si memoria ne mai joaca feste.. de fapt se schimba si ea. Sunt oameni care au memorie vizuala.. si un profesor cu experienta i-ar ajuta pe acestia cu imagini sau diverse materiale sugestive vizual, sunt oameni care au nevoie de mai multa logica.. si aceia au nevoie de reguli, sunt oameni care invata mai usor 'interpesonal' si aceia au nevoie de alte persoane pentru a demara un proiect ( de ex. mersul la sala.. mereu ne propunem.. dar singure .. mai rar ajungem.. asa ca daca mai vine o prietena.. e mai bine.. nu? la fel e si cu engleza )
Problema este ca la maturitate suntem din ce in ce mai complicati.. si de aceea.. avem nevoie de specialisti
Va pup si sunteti tari.. asa ca GO ON!

Thank you very much.

I'm 44 years old, and I work in a company who produce gearboxes.
I am the financial manager, but sometimes I have to translate and make mails in english.
This is difficult for me because my english is so bad.
I have a dog, he's name is Fluffy.
He's my office mate.

Best regards

Hmmm, so Fluffy, you are an economist and you graduated from ASE when? In '88? I'm just asking because I graduated from ASE in '89, The Economy of Industry, Constructions and Transportation.
Who knows, we might know each other.
As you see my fantasy neuron is working...
OK, so you have a dog; what kind of dog is it?


Yes, I'm an economist and I graduated ASE in '90- the Faculty of Trade.
It was very good times.
My dog is a golden retriever and he's 6 years old.A little too fat.
He's very greedy.But I love him so much.
Every evening we take for a walk toghder. I also like to go on a trip with my dog.
Now i have to go home. Bye

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