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Meditatii engleza

Sorry, micabis, I didn't know it was between you and Zam...I never intrude myself...
Enjoy speaking your English together!

Jasmine, I know a few bad words in English but ...I am a lady what a ....
The a piece of art, isn't it?

Sister, you took me wrong.I really enjoy talking with you.Please come back and don't let me with the evil one. Since nobody else is coming on this topic I want to have company and you are the best.

I'm always the best when I'm the only one...

Hehehe, you are the best of the best.
I am wondering where is every body? I mean we don't really need basic English, we are here to help who needs improvement and I see I am improving myself. (was that right or I have mistakes?)

You are really good, micabis, don't worry.
Look I was at a classical concert tonight. An American contemporary composer came to present his work invited by the Philarmonic Orchestra of my town. The conductor was also American. Everything presented in English as on Broadway. The American style of singing is different from our European one, not every Romanian singer who performed tonight have understood that, but the choir was excellent. Next Thursday they invited the public to come to listen to a music-hall...
How did you spend the day?

American contemporary music? And was there any music? I don't like the American contemporary music.Actually I don't like American art.

What did I do today? I've been to a book store and I bought 3 books:
one about Feng Shui, one about herbs and plants and one for my husband (some social studies).
The rest of the day I spent around the house, mainly around the computer.

Look, I was thinking to make our English lessons more attractive to public.Should we talk about grammar? What do you say?

Grammar? Do you think grammar could be attractive to the public?
Let's wait for the public's answer, OK?

Wow, micabis, you're a grown-up now! But the baby was also very cute!

I don't know what is wrong.My avatar here is the same baby but in my profile is the new one.I changed the avatar to the new girl but is not working.
I do belief that somebody from admin is playing jokes on me.

Yes, I think so. This happened also to me before.

So sister, what did you cook for weekend? Or what are you cooking for the week? Give some ideas because I am out.

Still nobody but me and you.....

Sorry, my dear, but I don't cook, because I work almost all day long( even if I am a good cook). But I live with my mother and she cooks very well for us: me and my two daughters. We have yesterday a women's holiday at my place with my sister-in-law, her mother and my two aunts and we did a corn mush with cheese and eggs and some fish and as a dessert pancakes filled with chocolate cream and jam and a very nice cake. Then we went to the country side for two hours to visit some relatives.
How was your holiday?

Sorry again, but I must correct my own mistakes: "we had yesterday"* instead of "we have yesterday". Please correct my mistakes if you can see them. I'm talking to someone on mess who doesn't know English very well and I must write sometimes using the times he knows, because he doesn't understand, or maybe also because writing so bad I'm used to that language. But I have no excuse for that. He must try to learn English well, not me to ruin my English for him.

I don't celebrate March 8th. I don't care for it , I never did.
Lately this day became a replica for what men are doing when are together : drink and food

But your menu was good.When you say pancakes you actually talk about crepes? My kids loooove crepes.Me too.

Look Sister, is boring only you and me (don't take me wrong).I mean where is who ever open this topic? Was she joking?

No, it's not that " replica", it's for us a reason to be together, to have a family party, without drinking. We never drink alcohol. And yes, you're right, pancakes are crepes.

The person who opened this topic wanted only to find a teacher of English, to have English classes at home maybe, not on line.

Well, I wasn't talking about your party.Generally speaking, those days on March 8th you see a lot of drunk women and that is so sad.

But Sis, we help for FREE!!!!!

Of course, but it seems that nobody understands that!

So tell me sister, what do you do for living? Where are you working?
What are your credentials?

buna, sunt nevoita sa invat limba engleza, pentru cine ma poate ajuta, va rog sa-mi raspundeti, multumesc

What do I do for "a" living? I'm a teacher. What about you?

Me, for a living, I do nothing.I mean I am a house wife with 2 boys and a husband and that is about all I take care of.
I see you are a teacher, maybe you are teaching English, somehow I thought you are an accountant.

Gianina darling, any time if you have any questions regarding English, Sora Ilsi is here to help.Just ask!

So, you do the most important job in the world: TAKING CARE OF YOUR FAMILY...Congratulations!
I have two daughters of 14 and 18 this month, and I've taken care of them together with my mother since 1995, when I decided to be on my own(I divorced), giving up of every material possessions and leaving my ex-husband very rich(he lost everything instead). I'm the only one having a job in my family, but I've renounced for such a long time to complain about anything, because it is all between me and my God. I'm very happy only when I'm in a good relationship with my Jesus, it means when I don't commit sin. Hope I didn't get bored you. Take it only as a little English chat.
God bless you and your family!

I would rather be talking about God on this topic than on you know which.There is a shame and a blasphamy.So, yes, you didn't bother me.
My boys are 8 and 13 as you can see on my profiles' pictures and I love to take care of them.I promise to myself though that this summer I'l start looking for a job.They are getting big and they don't really need as much supervision as they did until now.
Was nice chating with you and God bless you and your family too!

iu ar so fuching biutiful!!

You know what, miacbis? If I entered on someone's profile it was only by mistake, because I wanted to enter somewhere else, but I didn't know how.
I've learned a lot of things since I use the mess, but there are also a lot of things to learn...step by step...
Have a very nice afternoon!

And also let God find a good job for you:I'll pray for that, OK?

Thank you so much Sister!
I need all the help I can get.At my age is not going to be easy to find something.I have more than 6 years now since I stopped working.
I don't know if you saw or not my profile.Actually it was an invitation for you to check my kids pictures because I am so proud of them.
Have a nice weekend!
And we keep in touch, no?

Sis, I was wondering, what are you reading? Can you recommend me a book? I mean, I read right now "The Chamber" by John Grisham but I would like to know what are you reading.
Thank you for chatting with me.

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